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The French Quality

Jean Floc’h exports to the countries of southern and Eastern Europe, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, China, Africa… 


The French Quality


Expérience Jean Floc'h

Logistical control

Maîtrise logistique Jean Floc'h

An exceptional level of exports

From Europe to China, specialist teams and an integrated customs centre handle the 1/3 of sales.

Poitrine Jean Floc'h
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Fresh meat

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Frozen meat

Viande à l'export
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Processed products

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Our customers in the world


Dragon Boats festival

, Taïwan

The dragon boats festival is celebrated the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, which is considered as the first month of the summer.

The 5 fundamental principles
of our quality policy

  •  To respect legal and ethical demands in all our activities
  •  To ensure that our production units meet stringent hygiene standards
  •  To involve all our personnel in our commitment to product quality and safety
  •  To respect the environment
  •  To listen to all our customers and meet their requirements

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