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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


Environmental commitments

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Highly committed to sustainable energy production through the methanization of the organic materials resulting from our operations (Locminé Innovation Gestion des Energies Renouvelables: and, following the ISO 50 001 certification of our energy management system, we at Jean Floc’h have taken another important step in our sustainable development policy in order to reduce our environmental footprint.

In so doing, we are pursuing a policy that helps reducing consumption of many natural resources, and water particularly.

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              • JEAN FLOC'H wins ISO 50001 certification for its energy cost controls 



Social commitments

To pay special attention to ensuring the well-being of the employees in our companies, in particular through appropriate investments and training.

To help improve public health by supplying products in accordance with the best professional practices.

To respect equality and fight against all forms of discrimination (origin, sex, handicap, etc.)


Economic commitments

To offer a competitive range of products to the widest possible customer group.

To supply a wide product range, including products from organic sources.

To do all we can to ensure our long-term success by encouraging continuous improvement at every level.