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Our vision

The strength of a group

With the strength of its wide-ranging expertise behind it, JEAN FLOC’H is able to offer a high quality service whatever the meat product requested. The independence synergies between the plants, as each one is a business unit, work towards the dynamism of the group.

12 sites industriels

With its profound knowledge of pork meat and high standards concerning quality and taste, the Jean Floc’h group is satisfying each market by offering a large range of skills: slaughtering, cutting, elaborating meats and curing meats, freezing and canning meat preparations. 


The expert in meat processing since more than 40 years

The group‘s commitment is to offer the best French meat and cured meat while proposing regularly innovations.

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An efficient customer service

1800 collaborateurs


JEAN FLOC'H has always maintained a great capacity to adapt to the customer’s needs whatever their size or field of activity. To do so, they invest in the best processes and equipment available. Reduced transport time, creative responsiveness when customers expect new products, and a general services policy, are the main reasons for its success. This allows them to satisfy very specific needs.