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Frozen meat

The choice of efficiency

Deep-freezing and frozen storage demonstrate the JEAN FLOC'H's group will to achieve excellence in this area.

JEAN FLOC'H is managing four units: frozen chop cutting, fresh cutting and two frozen lines.

The refrigerated warehousewith 12,000 pallet locations, i.e. 50,000m3 of cold room storage available, is equipped to receive external merchandise.

                surgelation jean flochSurgelation

A successful range

Frozen pork meat, cured meats and grilled meat, in line with consumer expectations and simplifying fresh produce management for shops.

A special range called « gourmet » is proposed for the professionnals who are looking for rare cutting such as: chop with rind, pork's spider, presa, pluma, secreto…

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Carrac de porc


A complete pork meat range coming directly from the slaughterhouse: pork collar chops or loin chops, pork sauté, shredded pork tenderloin and frozen pure pork hamburger are the basic Jean Floch frozen products designed to be sold in shops, for domestic consumption and wholesale distribution. For wholesalers, there is also a range of roasted collar, shoulder or loin individually wrapped.


Lardons fumée Jean Floch


Chipolata, merguez, sausage, bacon cubes, black pudding, white pudding, ham or shoulder cubes in small bags (1 or 2kg) or in large bags (5 to 10kg)

Product advantages: 

  • Entire and direct transformation on site
  • Adapted packaging to the distribution network
  • Guaranteed French pork