Delicatessen and cured products

JEAN FLOC’H possesses the industrial capacity necessary to meet the specific requirements of the distributor brand market at the level of both cooked and uncooked products.


One of JEAN FLOC’H’s core skills: portioning represents a key area of the Group’s expertise as is clearly shown by the quality of the results and the productivity of its teams.

Portioning operations are organised to satisfy a number of criteria that explain the success of this activity: responsiveness that permits the timely processing of orders based on very short procurement times and an ability to adapt to customer requirements.

Versatile and multifaceted: JEAN FLOC’H handles its orders for portioned products in real time – from just a few kilos through to several tonnes – and provides packaging in the form of trays, small crates or ordinary boxes.


We offer a wide range to cater for many different serving ideas: Toulouse sausage, traditional sausages, plain or herb chipolatas, authentic merguez, mixed platters, andouillettes, chorizo for cooking, etc.

With the advent of new cooking equipment, consumers are looking for new barbecue product ideas all year round. They know exactly what they are looking for: products that are practical, budget-friendly and inviting. 

To respond to these expectations, the visual image of JEAN FLOC’H products is, in line with their quality level, associated less with barbecue/garden than it is with a premium food experience.

Packshot Chipolatas et rib's JEAN FLOC'H

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