Quality and service: always indispensable

With the trump cards of market proximity, acknowledged expertise, product quality and customer service, JEAN FLOC’H is able to offer a very comprehensive range of meat products that can be used by catering professionals to create a huge variety of recipes and presentations. Our success is built on a dynamic approach combined with responsiveness to customer requirements. Our top priority is to meet the needs of our group catering and restaurant chain customers throughout France each and every day by supplying them with quality products coupled with impeccable service.

Employé dans l'usine

The strength of a manufacturer

24-hour delivery

Tailor-made product preparation

More than 1200 product references

We can meet all needs: whole fresh joints, cut portions, prepared raw or cooked products, culinary aids, delicatessen products.

Our quality policy

Our five key principles

Act ethically and comply with the law in everything we do
Ensure our production plants meet the most stringent health and safety criteria
Involve all our personnel in our commitment to product quality and safety
Respect the environment
Listen to what our customers have to say so that we can satisfy their wishes

JEAN FLOC'H and quality

Logo le porc français
French pork
Meat from pigs born, raised and slaughtered in France.
Logo bleu blanc cœur
Bleu Blanc Coeur
Bleu Blanc Cœur is pork from the west of France sourced from animals fed a special diet to improve the meat’s nutritional characteristics.
Logo label rouge
Label Rouge
The official, national “red label” guarantees superior quality. It is recognised by 97% of consumers and is one of the certificates underpinning our range.
Logo certification CE2 environnementale
Meat sourced from animals raised by breeders with level 2 Environmental Farm Certification, a voluntary accreditation programme set up by the French Agriculture and Food Ministry.