Jean Floc’h

A 50-year history

For more than 50 years, our brand has been acquiring skills, expertise and experience in the pork meat processing field: slaughteringportioning, prepared meats, delicatessen products, frozen and canned products. During that time, it has become renowned throughout France and grown beyond its national borders to make a third of its turnover in export markets.

We have always remained faithful to the values of our founder, Jean FLOC’H: a visionary entrepreneur and born leader who knew how to inspire the teams that came after him and are proud to bear his name with his own deeply-held values.

Carré de porc JEAN FLOC'H
Rôti d'automne aux petits légumes JEAN FLOC'H

French pork

At the heart of our profession

From the very start and right up to the present day, we have had a clear ambition: to create sustainable human and economic wealth for farmers, employees and Brittany.
By developing industrial and logistics facilities in the heart of this stock-breeding region, we work in close proximity to the breeders who supply us.
Our operational drive and reactivity make us a go-to actor in the French pork industry.

Bringing taste to everyday mealtimes

Every member of JEAN FLOC’H’s teams shares a driving ambition to give consumers the taste experience they want each and every day by meeting all their needs and providing all the flavours they are looking for.

Thanks to its unparalleled expertise in the meat processing field and underpinned by state-of-the-art industrial capabilities, the comprehensive product portfolio of meat and delicatessen products meets the needs of customers throughout the world.

We respond to modern food trends and needs by proposing appropriate solutions for each individual market: mass distribution, catering, wholesale, industry and the butcher sector

Boucher découpant du porc JEAN FLOC'H

Four centres of activity

Our two processing facilities supply four distinct centres of activity, all situated in the heart of the Breton region: meatdelicatessen productsfrozen products, and canned products.

Fresh pork meat JEAN FLOC'H


We are a major operator in this sector, with two processing facilities and a capacity of 48,000 pigs per week.


JEAN FLOC’H works with all the producer organisations in the west of France.

Its ultra-short processing line is unique in the industry and allows it to guarantee the freshness of its products. The experienced employees ensure a high level of food safety.

Delicatessen products

Our curing plants are recently constructed, ultra-modern facilities running exceptionally high-performance processes that make it possible to cater for all customer profiles and order volumes, both in France and for export.

Raw and cooked products
The proximity of our slaughterhouse and portioning facilities, coupled with our long-standing expertise, allows us to offer a wide range of products with outstanding taste and hygiene properties.

Frozen products

A state-of-the-art process coupled with cutting-edge warehousing
The freezing process and frozen storage facilities testify to JEAN FLOC’H’s commitment to excellence in this field.
Four production shops: frozen chop cutting, portioning room and two freezing lines.

The refrigerated warehouse with 12,000 pallet locations provides 50,000 m³ of cold room storage space and is approved for the acceptance of all types of external goods.


Canned products

A comprehensive range that satisfies every appetite. You can find our know-how bottled up in boxes, traditional jars and pot ranges.

  • The know-how of pork butchering and preserving
  • Total quality control via our own slaughterhouse supplies
  • An efficient production unit which complies with strict hygiene rules while taking environmental impact into consideration
  • A desire to optimise and constantly improve the quality of our products, in particular by integrating the French Health and Nutrition Plan.

Group brand

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