With its range of meatdelicatessen and barbecue products, and IQF frozen culinary aids, the JEAN FLOC’H brand is truly unique. The stand-out favourites of the meat counter are available in the frozen food department all year long and are practical in use because they are individually frozen and therefore divisible in the kitchen.

No loss of taste and nutritional value

Practical, budget-friendly and inviting: the products in the “frozen JEAN FLOC’H range” mean that customers can enjoy authentic, top-quality French pork all year round.


A large range : calibrated pork chops, tenderloin, pork roast, minced pork,…


A large range: bacon cubes, sausages, rib’s, grilled ham, black pudding, chitterlings,…

Processed meat

A large range: stuffed tomatoes, minced marinated meat,…

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