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Food service


Jean Floc’h has built up an extremely close relationship with the catering industry which it supplies with versatile, wide-ranging solutions.

The strength of a manufacturer

The strength of a manufacturer

product preparation

Tailor-made product preparation

24-hour delivery

Livraison 24h

 More than 1200 product references

We can meet all requirements: whole fresh joints, cut meat, raw or cooked processed products, culinary aids, etc., delicatessen products from a range of meats (pork, poultry, beef) and in every possible format.

Jambon supérieur
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Côte échine Jean Floc'h
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Fresh pork meat

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Frozen pork meat

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The 5 fundamental principles
of our quality policy

  •  To respect legal and ethical demands in all our activities
  •  To ensure that our production units meet stringent hygiene standards
  •  To involve all our personnel in our commitment to product quality and safety
  •  To respect the environment
  •  To listen to all our customers and meet their requirements

 Jean Floc'h and the quality

French pork meat

Meat from pigs born, reared and slaughtered in France.

Bleu Blanc Coeur

Pork from the west of France sourced from animals fed a special diet to improve the nutritional profile of the meat.

Certification of product conformity

These requirements relate to the foodstuffs given to the pigs, the conditions under which they are reared and the characteristics of the meat.

Certification to IFS standard

A reward for all the production and commercial efforts dedicated to security and quality.

Our health and nutrition commitments

These recommendations regarding the frequency and quantity of consumption of meats and meat-based products (GEMRCN of July 2011) comply with the French national nutrition and health plan (PNNS). This information is included in our technical data sheets.

GEMRCN: Groupe d’Étude des Marchés de la Restauration Collective et Nutrition (Collective catering and nutrition market research group).

For the sake of health, remember to take regular physical exercise (