The Intermediate Food Products (IFP) specialist: whether you are looking for semi-finished or ready-to-use products, we are able to satisfy all your specifications for cooked dishes, catering products and snack products.

These products are also available as a frozen range.

Semi-finished products

Lardon fumé JEAN FLOC'H

A vast range of different packaging and presentation is available. These can be tailored to meet your facility specifications and production needs: bulk, frozen breads, vacuum-packed, in modified atmospheres, in brine, boxed or on plastic pallets, in technical fabrics, containers, boxes, cardboard boxes, tubs, etc.

Jambon supérieur tranché JEAN FLOC'H

The lengths are optimised for slicing, cubing, etc. and we offer embossing dimensions from 15 to 300 mm as well as mould forms with extremely varied cross-sections.

These formats were all developed in close collaboration with our industrial partners.

Ready-to-use products

Whether raw, raw-salted, raw-dried, cooked, cooked-braised, cooked-marked, supplied fresh or as IQF products, our “ready-to-use” line is the “pork ingredient” solution that will simplify your processes and turn your products into premium creations.

We possess the equipment necessary to provide a very wide range of products and services.
Are you involved in product development work and looking for the right partner? Just contact us, the Intermediate Food Products (IFP) experts, and we will find the best solution!

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