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We are a major player in the pork meat sector with a slaughtering capacity of 40 000 pigs per week. The site is located in the very centre of the Brittany region.

The plant


roti longe

A large lairage with stalls, designed with 17 unloading docks with the sole aim of animal welfare from the moment of arrival into the quiet environment.
Due to the short slaughter line, unique to the industry running at 800 pigs per hour (20 minutes from beginning to end) and allows us to take the freshness challenge.    
A dry and fast cooling system of the carcasses straight after the slaughter enabled to maintain the product at an optimum bacteriological status.

The staff

Abbatoirs locminé
In a constant quest for quality, the use of proven techniques enables to guarantee a high level of food safety.
Experienced staffs of all age groups are represented:  that’s a sign of vitality and sustainable practices.

The service


  • A tight time schedule starts from the moment the animal is slaughtered, to ensure the maximum of freshness to our customers
  • Carcase selection is made and carcases are allocated to the clients straight after the slaughter.
  • Daily allocation of all cuts in order to maintain the best microbiological status possible; we do have a large freezing capacity, the chilled products which haven’t been shipped are systematically frozen after their preparation.
  • The just in time work allows us to deal, on the day itself, with very reactive response to our customers daily orders.
  • A world view: our products are sold to various and numerous destinations around the world.

Côte échineémincé de porc

All our cutting range

Schéma de découpe d'un cochon
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